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A Simple Chatbot for Car Dealers

A Simple Chatbot

A Simple Chatbot for Car Dealers

Use cases for simple chatbots abound - one just has to start. Many car dealers are active on social media channels. Doing this, small as well as large dealers face somehow identical challenges:

  • Smaller dealers typically don't have full time social media teams in place, which leads to delays processing inbound requests
  • Larger dealers with social media teams might be drowned in too many requests, also leading to delays in dealing with inbound requests

Add to this typical problems occurring on websites run by car dealers: contact forms provided by the manufacturers tend to be very long (who wants to enter all details about the car when simply asking for an appointment?), requesting a test drive can be difficult (long, often hidden forms prohibit a quick interaction). This often leads to customers calling the dealers on the phone, wasting their and the dealers' time.

This is where simple chatbots can help. They can make standard inbound interactions extremely simple, immediately forwarding all leads to human colleagues.


Example 1: request an appointment in three steps

In example 1, the three steps to request an appointment through a chatbot are shown:

  • Specify a day
  • Specify a preferred time
  • Provide the bot with your phone number

Now the job is handed over to a human, the inbound lead can be processed. In more complex environments, the bot can also check for availability in the dealer's backend system. For starters, this simple process does the trick.

Test drive

Example 2: request a test drive in two steps

Example 2 is as easy as the one before: specify the car you want to test drive, provide your phone number - the rest is taken care of by the dealer.

By starting that easy, companies can gain valuable experience working with bots. If the approach works out, automation can be taken further: the chatbot can check the car for availability, vet the potential customer or even call him back through an automated calling system.

The entry barrier into the world of chatbots is already very low right now - so why not start today?