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First time bot users deserve good bots

Who has used a bot?

84% of internet users haven't used a chatbot yet (or are not sure) - so let's make them have a good first try

A recent survey published on Statista (see link below) shows 84% percent of German internet users haven't (knowingly) used a chatbot yet.

This is good news for people working in the chatbot community. It shows there is a huge market to tap. And in more mature chatbot-markets like the US people seem to like what they get when interacting with bots.

Consumer satisfaction with chatbots

American users of chatbots according to another Statista survey show high levels of satisfaction when interacting  with these systems.

So when employing the strenghts of chatbots - namely friendliness, ease of use and speed - and improving on the weeknesses - accuracy is the key - more than 80% of internet users can have a first, positive encounter with a chatbot soon.

Therefore it is on us developers to build bots worth interacting with as to not let first time users get a bad impression. So let's move ahead and develop relevant, user-friendly and working chatbots.