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The coffeeBot


Why another one?

After the unstable and not very long lasting "littly bits" version, there was the ipad webapp version, that was doing quite a good job.

But critics mentioned, that this actually wasn't a real bot. And they were right.
So Tito came up with the tingBot

The tingBot

This little gem is a preconfigured version of the raspberry pie os including a housing. Using the fabulous python-language Tito created a program, that could meet all requirements.

While struggeling with the language itself, not connected bluetooth audio, not playing mp3-files and loading times and so on as well as painting the interface pixel-by-pixel it quickly turned out, that there needed to be more than just the "last call for coffee" function.

A supply-order functionality was wished for, which lead to an app selector screen that made it easy to integrate other functions.

So one lead to another and now we have these apps - reachable by the green hardware button:

the apps

All current functions of the coffeeBot b3

Last Call for coffee (lc4c)

That's the main function from beta1 and 2.

As you know, you use it to tell your hiver-colleques, that the last (in-hive-) coffee of the day is just seconds away, because the coffee machine will be disassembled in 5 minutes.

Coffee enthusiasts and socially engaged collegues will take the chance and bring their used dishes to the kitchen.

We extracted the music function to live in it's own app, the...

Music player

Plays a random song from a predefined playlist.
Use the red hardware button to play/pause it, use the yellow hardware-button to skip to the next track. These buttons work in every app.


If you already searched for it and still find, that some kitchen supplies are missing: now it's easy to inform Laura, Alex and/or Koni about it.

Kitchen Timer

Let's you set an alarm timer for whatever you're doing.
If you like you can also get a notification mail.

Call or Dishes

It happened often, that the dishwasher has just been started in the afternoon and just half an hour later, the kitchen again is full of used dishes.
Now you can inform the hive before starting the dishwasher.

On the first glimpse hard to distinguish from the lc4c-function - but you can make it!

Room for optimization

Of course again there is a lot to be done, or to be optimized.

The music could come from a socially assembled spotify playlist, the computer voice DEFINITELY has to be optimized (already done), the timer could work for several people at one time, non coffee people could be handled differently, additional functions regarding the kitchen cleaning team could be included, app sorting should be done, the sound quality should be increased and so on.

Please tell us, what you think about the functions and ideas. What do you use, what do you need. What could be helpful, what is (on your view) completely unnecessary.

Maybe little coffeeBot can evolve and one day be a sellable item to go out and rule the world.