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Meet Henk - the Trinseo chatbot

Meet Henk

Chatbot Henk knows about Trinseo products

Apr 23, 2017. Our customer Trinseo offers a multitude of complex products. Through various channels, including the product finder on the Trinseo website, information about these products is provided to customers.

However, most of the time human interaction is needed to help customers find out where to find the relevant pieces of information, or which products best meet their needs. This process is ineficcient, time consuming and sometimes frustrating for customers. Plus when simply providing information through a website search, a valuable opportunity to engage with the customer - namely to start a conversation - is missed.

Based on hundreds of real-life questions sent to Trinseo via their website contact form, an automated system to answer as many product related questions as possible was conceived: Henk, the chatbot. 

This new chatbot is able to find various data sheets, answer questions regarding OEM norms and specifications or list products according to their feasibility for certain application areas. In addition to this, Henk can connect customers to just the right person within Trinseo.

Using the conversational interface of a chatbot, Henk can provide a positive user experience and help engage with customers.  A growing number of customer interactions is being handled daily.

And by being a first mover in the industry, Trinseo proves to be one of the most innovative companies around.