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Dark Social? Should we care?

If you chat with a friend on WhatsApp, that's Dark Social. You send an e-mail to you mom, that's also Dark Social. So nothing new, why should an agency care? Actually, there are at least three reasons.


Stop complaining - forever!

I feel that we are currently living in an era that is most definitely, for sure, absolutely and undeniably the best time we humans have ever experienced.


Why your company should look into podcasts

Podcasts can be interesting for your company as well – as a platform to advertise your products and services or to tell a story about yourself, your company and your ideas.


Book Review: "Risiko"

Das vorliegende Buch beschäftigt sich damit, warum Menschen Risiken häufig falsch bewerten und daraus folgende falsche Entscheidungen treffen.


Last call for coffee

A solution approach for some possible everyday frustrations and a beautiful usecase for a dashbutton - kind of.

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We are Orange Hive

Hi. We are Orange Hive. We help brands transform, innovate and grow.


The coffeeBot

This one is made to last. Have a warm welcome for the third version of the coffeeBot!