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Stop complaining - forever!

Stop complaining

Stop complaining - forever!

I feel that we are currently living in an era that is most definitely, for sure, absolutely and undeniably the best time we humans have ever experienced.

If I think back to my childhood everything today is better. Not much better, actually miles better. So many of my dreams, desires and totally over the top wishes, have become reality. In my lifetime, and I'm only (yes only!) 47. I always wanted a portable color TV, access to more than three TV channels, more records than I could ever listen too, a portable phone (no cord please mom!), shopping 365/24/7, a camera with more than 24/36 exposures, access to comics, books and magazines from around the world, a way to buy a Playboy magazine without having to tell the guy at the kiosk that it was for my dad (haha, sure you looooser!), a system to travel without a senile travel agent, a computer that wasn't as big as a fridge, a bank that's open before 9am and not closed between 12-3pm, a post office that's "always" open and pizza delivery service that shows up at my house in the middle of the night (munchies). I think you get my point.

Today I carry a device in my pocket that connects me to the world. Yes, actually to the entire fucking planet! Everything I just listed can be accessed from this magical thing. EVERYTHING! I can open a digital bank account (N26), listen to music forever (iTunes, Spotify, Audible, etc.), watch TV until I die (Netflix, Amazon, ABC, CBS, Hulu, YouTube, etc.), read and buy every book ever published (Google, Amazon, Marvel, etc.), connect with everyone I ever knew or know (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Periscope, etc.), buy, trade, borrow, ship, sell and publish every single day, around the clock and across the planet. Send email to anyone, even people I don't know. Take unlimited (not always great) photos, film short questionable videos, edit movies and record audio. You can basically document everything! Every single day. And since the cloud stores everything, you have access to everything. Searching is challenging IQ and making EQ more valuable. Learning is now more about accessing/finding/evaluating and not merely memorizing. All these things and a million more all done on this magical, powerful and absolutely awesome thing, we for some reason still call a phone.

Now here is the problem. I still hear people complaining, whining, frustrated, bitching and annoyed when it comes to how all this magic sometimes sucks. Yes, pretty unbelievable. The issue is that they are just totally missing the point. Believe me: WE ARE LIVING IN THE GREATEST, MOST AMAZING AND FANTABULOUS (I made this word up) ERA EVER! STOP COMPLAINING! PLEASE! The basic truth is that nobody gives a shit about all the complaining you’re doing. Nobody! NOOOOBBBOOOODDDYYYY! Also, you should be enjoying the hell out of this time we are in. The next five years will be amazing, because we have unlimited access to these devices and services. Amazing! So, the next time you’re about to complain about something related to your phones performance (the magical thing you carry with you like a baby, and miss like hell when you forget it at home) stop yourself! Just don't do it. Forever!