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Getting Started with Bread-And-Butter B2B Chatbots

How can a regular business or enterprise make use of chatbots? I believe, it is through finding simple, easy to understand use-cases that bring an instant benefit to your customers - and just get going. And as there are not many really successful chatbots around yet, everything is possible.


First time bot users deserve good bots

84% percent of German internet users haven't used a chatbot yet. So there is huge market to tap!


The joy of the unconnected car

A brief reminder of how it feels to drive unconnected.


Wir machen Deutschlands Straßen sicherer!

Warum alle anderen Autofahrer doof sind und nur Schimpfen für Erlösung sorgt.

First Steps with Cryptocurrencies

It took me quite some time to finally get started with cryptocurrencies. Probably some years too late to become insanely rich. But from my recent experience: early enough - as using this technology is still far from easy and therefore far from becoming a commodity.

The blockchain and creative work

If we could use the blockchain to create a timestamped entry of the existence of a certain file at a certain time, we would have some level of protection for our intellectual property. Does that work?


A real bot in the making

After making the CoffeeBot an important member of the Orange Hive team, we are now moving on to the next level: building a real bot.


Meet Henk - the Trinseo chatbot

This new chatbot is able to find various data sheets, answer questions regarding OEM norms and specifications or list products according to their feasibility for certain application areas.



Unsere Meinung zum Thema Chatbots und wie Orange Hive sie erforschen, vermarkten und einsetzen wird.


A Simple Chatbot for Car Dealers

Simple chatbots can make standard inbound interactions extremely simple, immediately forwarding all leads to human colleagues.


I'm all ears

Honestly, it seems almost impossible to dislike podcasts, once you started to listen. They are small, wild and refuse to walk the beaten path of monetary strive. And most of all – they sure as heck are a lot of fun!


One apple a day...

Living in the Hesse region in Germany offers many local traits one can enjoy. One of the more famous ones (or “notorious ones” to some) being the so-called “Äppler” – or simply apple wine.


Game Boy Zero

Wer kennt ihn nicht - den Game Boy Classic! Aber wie wäre es denn, wenn man all die alten Klassiker auf einer Handheld Konsole spielen könnte und das ohne das Modul zu wechseln?