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The joy of the unconnected car


The freedom of being unconnected

Yes, autonomous cars can do good for everyone, even for me. Less hassle in traffic jams, no more searching for parking spots, maybe even less accidents. Right here, I don't want to talk about autonomous driving. I want to remember autonomy experienced in unconnected cars.

This is just a brief reminder of how it feels to be unconnected. Remember the first time you got the keys to a car (if you are under twentyfive: we had cars back then without SOS button, navigational system, GPS, mobile phone; all they could do was drive and play music on the stereo, from tape).

Take the key, get into the car and drive somewhere. Nobody knows where  you are heading, when you will be there, when you will be back, how fast you go. That was freedom. At least that's what I remember. And I liked it.